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But if you make one good size tool purchase, the membership can pay for itself immediately. The proof was that it occasionally sold at its normal selling price for a certain amount of time. I signed up my hubby for this and they never send a single inside track email.

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They send the regular emails but nothing about inside track. We tried to get this rectified but we found it impossible. The people on the store give you the run around and tell you to do it online. It is NOT possible to do it online. I tried calling and never got an answer. Well after 12 months the card expired. Most of the deals were just a few dollars cheaper than the regular coupon sale price. My guess is that only 1 out of 10 get their money worth from the card.

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That is why they do not show the deals online any more. They want you to gamble and buy the membership and they say you will save money but like any gamble the house always wins. Delia, I agree almost completely with you. You rarely see Inside Track club deals for more substantial and expensive tools. And they stopped emailing me the extra weekly Inside Track Club coupons.

You can get the same items for the same price without being inside track. I was excited about getting a generator with my inside track club price. I wont be renewing. I tried every where on line.

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Said they would talk to sales and send a coupon, if they could find it. There were other tool boxes on IST also discounted, Gone. I did notice though that alot of times, if I just waited a couple weeks, the everybody coupons were just as good as ITC coupons and sometimes better. Paul, I got a coupon for the same tool box but it was a print coupon out of a magazine not ITC.

Its a very heavy box and 2 of us probably could not have loaded it in my suv, let alone get it out. Coworkers with snapon boxes are envious not because of product, but because of price!! Inside Trac club card is a rip off! I was and still am pis-Ed. I have regularly seen the previous weeks web page still posted from 1 to 3 days into the next week. I have changed computers and logged off and on multiple times to verify that it is their issue and not mine. I have also notified them, they checked the page and found that it was old. It is still occurring.

So worth the 3-day wait for the coupon to arrive.

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Just make sure you are buying a coupon that has plenty of time left before expiration. These coupons are probably being sold by club members looking to get their dues money back! As much as I have spent at harbor fright in. I get them from true value every 3 to 4 mo. Well im a former employee and I heard the ITC is good for high inventory tools and closeouts but for high quality and high end items your better off with coupons.

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  • Black Friday is on November 23 this year which is the earliest date that the shopping event can occur. Does this mean we should expect Black Friday ads to be leaked or be released earlier?

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    We have just posted the 8-page Harbor Freight Black Friday ad for While Half Price Books was the first retailer to release an ad in , Harbor Freight is once again the first Black Friday ad of the season. Harbor Freight is not the most exciting leak, but it does signify things to come.

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    Sign up for Harbor Freight Ad Alerts! Get Harbor Freight Ad Alerts. Harbor Freight Sale Information Ad Scan: Leaked on Friday, October 18, the 8-page Harbor Freight ad scan is the first of the year, and it comes a several days later than it did last year. Black Friday.

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