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Tales begin at a. During Wild Tales everyone gets the discounted school rate […]. The U. There will be a […]. Find a special Easter gift at our annual Easter Bazaar. The Bazaar features vendors with unique gifts, art, gourmet snacks, handmade jewelry and more. The […]. You can join, too! Classes are designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about exotic animals in the wild and in captivity and […]. Animal Play Days are scheduled events where Zoo animals are given an enrichment item that has a specific theme.

The theme for this Animal Play Day is Easter egg hunt. Come watch as our zookeepers prepare an Easter egg hunt for our Zoo animals featuring decorated ostrich eggs, painted eggs and Easter baskets. The schedule […]. There are so many ways you can make a difference for our oceans. World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. Challenge your senses to observe nocturnal animals! Tour the Zoo at night! Enjoy games, a pizza party, an early morning outdoor breakfast and more!

The minimum age level for a Starlight Sleepover is 7. For more information or to register for […]. From Friday, September 7th through Sunday, September 9th, Brownsville residents will be able to visit the Zoo for the special […]. All residents living in the Lower Valley will be able to visit the Zoo for the special admission price.

Brew at the Zoo will be held on Thursday, September 20, from p. Ticketholders to […]. People who want to have some fun! Boot scoot your way on over and support the Zoo while enjoying great food, auctions and music. Every bid supports the Zoo: Proceeds from […]. Long ones… short ones… they all have a good use. These creatures come out at night. This is your chance to learn all about the animals that hunt in the dark and those that use the […]. The date on the left-hand side is the start date of Boo at the Zoo.

Become a Zoo member and you are eligible to come in early during the […]. Scientists believe that modern birds are decedents of dinosaurs. This makes birds even more fascinating! Do you know your birds? Some have long legs; some have webbed feet; and some are quite large. Learn where and what animals consider home. Classes are designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about exotic animals in the wild and in […].

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After months of hard work, it is with great joy that Zoo staff introduced its newest member, Bebop, a five year old male Southern white rhino, to the crash, which is what a group of rhinos is called, and all three are now on display for the public to view. So, make plans to visit […]. All living things have a connection to one another, like links to a chain. Classes are designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about exotic animals […].

The theme for this Animal Play Day is Thanksgiving theme. Staff will be giving the animals turkey, pumpkins or pie. Starting at Gorilla Island around a. Purchase a membership at the Zoo or online and get 4 free feeding opportunity tickets. Select a voucher for a giraffe, flamingo, stingray or Galapagos tortoise feeding opportunity. The feedings are available during public feeding days and hours. Offer valid on Thursday, November 22, to Monday, November 26, If you stop by the Zoo to […]. Everyone will enjoy live performances from local bands and choirs while taking in the dazzling light displays.

Browse for holiday gifts at our arts and crafts show. And, kids can decorate a gingerbread cookie and make a craft. Playing is serious business for zoo animals. Spending time looking for food and exploring their environment is great exercise for them. Classes are designed to […]. Are you ready for a pet? Come learn from the animal experts about taking care of animals. Get your pet questions answered at the Zoo. Classes are designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about exotic animals in the […].

Our sources tell us that he comes from the North Pole and was sent by Santa to decide whether our animals have been naughty or nice. He has been reporting […]. Animal enrichment provides novel food and play items to […].

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After the high bidding couple, Terry and Laurie Ray, offered to make donation to the Zoo and allow someone else the opportunity match their donation for […]. Classes are designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about exotic animals in […]. During Wild Tales everyone gets the discounted school rate to […]. Lurking among the plants in the water is a master hunter ready to pounce and devour an unsuspecting fish. Alligator gar are common in fresh waters in the southern U. Classes are […]. Join the few, the proud, and the hard-working staff that gets to work with wild animals.

Find out what it takes to take care of animals and get to help with some of the daily chores at the zoo. The Starlight Safari sleepover is at pm on March 16th. Minimum Age: 7 Hours: […].

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From a. Local organizations will also be present to discuss […]. The bunnies will be available to pet and docents will be on hand to answer questions about the adorable animals. On Easter Sunday, only the […]. Classes are designed […]. Participate in fun educational activities and coloring from a. Our mother and daughter orangutan pair will be also receiving enrichment from their keepers at the following times: a. The baby, weighing in at 2. To celebrate this Cinco de Mayo […]. The Ridley Rush route will take you through the beautiful and scenic Gladys Porter Zoo as you experience what a baby sea turtle must endure on its […].

What is your child doing this summer? Why not spend the summer learning at the Gladys Porter Zoo? Summer Safari is the perfect place for your little one. Each day includes fun-filled activities such as puppet shows, games, stories, crafts, sing-a-longs and tours. Children will have the opportunity to explore our Zoo in a fun, […]. What is World Giraffe Day? It is a world-wide day of recognition for the longest necked animal on the planet. Every child receives a […]. Slide your way on over and support the Zoo while enjoying great food, auctions and music.

For lifetime package, users will have to send a request where they will be informed about the subscription cost. Linkedomata is a bot that will help their users in automating, marketing, and building your activities on LinkedIn. The bot is useful as it will help in growing your business by marketing your products to potential customers. Linkedomata, in general, automates your LinkedIn marketing as well as Network building activities. You can reach out your targeted Business Leads faster and easier. The bot will help in messaging all the first-degree connection helping in improving your response rate.

The name and the location of your business may also be included in the message helping in marketing the products with ease.

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Linkedomata may help in marketing big enterprises that may have multiple accounts. That is why Linkedomata was designed. To automate for you these kinds of processes. Linkedomata can extract every information present on LinkedIn page. You will enjoy the freedom of having to send multiple greetings to all your connections.

This feature lets you send birthday wishes, congratulatory messages on achievements or new jobs and positions and work anniversaries automatically. You can upload your own list of endorsement and then choose from the available options for every lead. As we know, most LinkedIn users will always check people who visited their profiles. When they do that, those who you showed on their list will see your designation.

Therefore, if you will look relevant to the users, they are more likely to send you requests for connection. Once done, it will extract all the details on or send them automatic connection requests. Linkedomata has three packages which their users may choose from, the monthly plan, the quarterly plan, and the yearly plan. The offer will help their users to connect three LinkedIn accounts, and it covers all the features.

Elink Pro is a software that helps its users to market their products online. The bot helps its users by connecting them with potential customers of their products making them generate sales. The bot magically attracts new clients for your LinkedIn campaigns. The bot has a 5-day trial which is good for the users who have never tried. In the 5 days, you will learn to interact with the bot. The 5 days are enough for you to make a choice on the package you can afford. The bot is essential in business organizations that need to manage more than one account.

Through the multiple accounts, the users can get more connections thereby managing the business to grow bigger and attract more sales. Viewing of this profile is essential as accounts owners will be notified that you viewed their status. When the owners are notified about the activity, they may check and view your profile too. The move will make them check your info, and with good bio, it will help in marketing your product.

With the messages, people in your connections will be informed about your products and the offers available in the sales. Auto messaging will help you to save time and be productive in doing something else.

The number of connection sent will help in growing your account to reach a high number of connections. With the connections, it will be easy to inform people about your products thereby helping you to make sales. The plan helps its users to view profile, auto connecting with other people and auto messaging. The bot has a five, free day trial where their users can get to know how the software operates. Profile Hopper prides itself for helping their users automate their sales prospecting. The bot has a 14 day free trial period where those who wish to subscribe for their packages can get to know how the bot operates.

The general ability of this bot is to automatically find new leads as well as extra data that helps you make more sales through LinkedIn. As a result, they may be interested in there may like their products which are being displayed at their profile. Viewing the profile generates inbound since the account owners will be proud that you viewed their status. This eventually generates inbound interest in your startup. This feature helps you see who return-visited your profile. It actually is the best way to outreach your potential. Profile hopper has two packages from which their users may choose from.

The first package goes for free and enables one to gain 20 profile views per day. The other package has a limit of profile view, as well as helping in exporting the profile data to CSV. To get the package one will have to contact the support team to get the information about the pricing. Linkeddominator is a bot that will help in expanding your brand by reaching out to the target audience. The bot also helps in providing your account with campaigns that will help in expanding the market of your products.

With unlimited accounts, it will be easy to market the products to reach a large number of people who may purchase the product. The campaigns are useful in creating various means by which it can easily market the product. Through the message, your connections will be informed about your products and where they can get them. The information is crucial in promoting the sales of the product as with the information, potential customers will know about the product and where they can get the products. Auto messaging can also be used in informing the customers about the changes in prices and discounts in the stores.

We all know how connections are important for the growth of your solid LinkedIn business profile. Linkeddominator has two packages, the monthly and the annual package. The bot also has unlimited campaigns and unlimited activity. The bot has access to unlimited accounts, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited activity. Meetleonard is a Google Chrome extension that helps in the automation of your LinkedIn account. The bots help its users in auto messaging, and the auto connection is hence helping its users to gain more sales in their business venture.

The bot has a free day trial where people interested in purchasing their packages can get to know how the bot operates. The auto connections help its users to inform people in your connections about yourself with ease using the least time possible. The auto messaging will help in promoting your brand as it will inform your connections about your problem with a single click.

Some of this may be interested in your products when they view your products making them to make purchases. The bot makes it easy to automatically send several hundreds of connection requests in just but a short time. The end result is growing your account and engaging new potential customers. The fact that the bot automates sending of bulk messages to your 1st connections clearly indicates that the CRM of the bot can work magic for your account.

The dashboard lets you manage your campaigns and contacts quite easily. If you want to use more of MeetLeornard, then you have to go Premium. The premium package of Meetleonard has two plans, the monthly and the annual package. Photo Credits: Socinator. Socinator is one of the best bots that has emerged lately you can have at your disposal for your LinkedIn automation.

The automation tool has been designed in a way that it is easy to use and you will enjoy using it. It has been integrated with so many features compared to other LinkedIn automation tools that you are going to enjoy using it for your LinkedIn marketing. Aside from that, you can use it to automate other social media networks including; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora among others.

The statistics are very important because they help you do a better analysis of your marketing strategies. Aside from that, you will gain deep insights into all the important LinkedIn profile aspects. This saves your time and at the same time grows your account big time. You connection skills are all automatically endorsed and this makes your account grow faster than you would have done it manually. Auto-commenting and liking keep you engaged and as a result, improves your connection which grows your LinkedIn profile.

Engagement on social media is one of the most powerful tools you can have especially LinkedIn. Because without it you are going to get the right kind of networks you want. All you need to do is select the groups you want to share or post and with just but a single click of a button, your action is automated even when you have multiple accounts. Fresh content is good for your profile. It attracts new users who will follow you and eventually grow your account.

The feature also allows you to customize messages based on different situations. Auto scheduling can be good for you especially if you are off the platform for some time. The feature is so amazing that it will do everything as you would have set before leaving. This is due to the fact that this feature on Socinator helps you send those connections to LinkedIn users in your niche and your audience will grow.

This means your LinkedIn profile will show up on the profiles you visited and will notify them that you viewed their profile. In the long run, you get LinkedIn followers and your account grows even faster. It is a form of appreciation to them. Actually, it is like a personal touch. The long run of this is a strong connection with them which means if they are your potential customers, chances are that they will come for your product or service.

Broadcast message feature on Socinator has got your back. The feature allows you to send messages out to everyone in your LinkedIn vicinity. You will find it easy to manage your accounts efficiently and it will not matter even when you have multiple accounts. This helps you as well because once you get in those groups and pages, chances are that you find the right kind of people to connect with.

This grows your LinkedIn profile quite fast. In general, you have the full detailed report of your LinkedIn account. This is a bonus for you because you will be able to pinpoint areas which are not doing so well and try to improve on them. Once you are in the group and think that it is not right the feature can also help you to unjoin them.

With just a click of a button, you can unjoin a number of groups you think are not good for you. Spintax creates uniques messages and automatically sends them to your prospects. In fact, your prospects will receive them in a way that it would seem like the messages were uniquely created for each of them. This rows your LinkedIn groups and as a result, also grows your audience generally.

We all know that it is a bad idea to keep accepting random connection requests on LinkedIn. Some of the connection requests are spams or even from profiles that are not going to do you any good. In case, you have accepted such like profiles though, you can easily remove them automatically. You can map a folder that contains your selected images you think can be scheduled for posting. The bot then, later on, posts them on your selected destination automatically based on your pre-configured spintax supported content.

Once proxies are assigned, your whole boting and automating experience will look exactly humanly as it will emulate human operation and that means your account will be safe. We all know what growing your LinkedIn network does for you especially if it establishes you as an expert in your niche. In short, you are going to extend your exposure and reach to many people.

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